Abstract: Travel-based Social Customs and Software Development in Israel

GoWith is a Jerusalem-based startup that seeks to provide passengers on trains and planes with more venues for social interaction during their travels. To do this, they employ AI-based software to connect passengers with new people they may otherwise not have met. As a participant in the program jInternship, I will be spending 6 weeks of my summer working as an intern at this startup. My research that I conduct as I work at GoWith will be twofold. First, I’d like to better understand what the norms are for social interaction on public transit in Israel and other countries in the Middle East and Europe, and how they compare to that of the US. The second part of my research will be focused on the startup culture and high-tech sector in Israel, a country dubbed the “startup nation” for its plethora of new tech companies and embrace of new technologies in all fields. This research is important because it will contribute to a better understanding of Israel’s role in the global information technology landscape.