Using GIS to map water distribution in Chaguite, Nicaragua

The primary purpose of my research will be to use GIS to map water distribution within the community of Chaguite, Nicaragua. This will inform MANOS’s plan to build cisterns in areas with less readily accessible water sources. I will begin by working in the community members to collect both spatial and sociological data about well ownership, condition and quality. In doing so, I can trace which wells have the most water supplied to them and how clean the water is in order to determine which houses are most in need of cisterns. We can then use the outcome of my research to build a healthy water distribution system to benefit every member of the community equally.
I will begin by elaborating upon the data MANOS collected previously about the amount and quality of water in each well and cistern within the community. I will then speak to different members of the community to determine which households use each well. During these conversations I will find out details about how they treat their water and any water-borne illnesses that have arisen. I will then be able to determine which houses have the most convenient access to clean water and which houses are contracting illnesses because of an inadequate water supply. From here I will determine which houses are closest to water sources, the quality of those sources and which homes are facing challenges due to lack of access to clean water. This research will in turn allow the team to move forward with our plan to build household cisterns.