The Functional Analysis of the Drosophila Chinmo Protein and Its Interaction with the CG11180 Protein: Abstract

The Chinmo protein is a transcription factor protein that is involved in sex maintenance in the Drosophila. The Chinmo protein is able to interact with SUMO proteins, Small Ubiquitin like Modifier proteins, covalently and non-covalently; which is likely to regulate the Chinmo protein’s activity. In collaboration with the Dr. Matthew Wawersik lab, the CG11180 protein was identified. Although the function of CG11180 is still unknown, previous data indicates that this protein can interact with the Chinmo protein to regulate sex maintenance in Drosophila, as well.

Through the guidance of Dr. Oliver Kerscher, my research is to show that both Chinmo and CG11180 proteins can be SUMO-modified and that these SUMO-interactions are required for their functional interaction with one another. Both Chinmo and CG11180 have homologs in multi-cellular eukaryotes, including humans. Thereforethis analysis holds an interesting premise into understanding how sex and fertility is maintained in mammals.