PCR and sequencing HMY7

Hello readers! (of which I am sure there are many)

Well, I have reached the end of the second week of summer research. So far, I have been working on the project that I have been on since the Spring semester. It isn’t my allantoin pathway work yet, but it will lead into that project, so I am excited to finish up this stuff so I can look into the allantoin research. I have been doing PCR, PCR, and some more PCR! I did PCR for all of the genes previously found to be significant to plastic adherence for the strain HMY7. In the Spring, I worked on the genes in the strain HMY355. PCR proved…difficult. Many of the genes in these two strains are particular to say the least. So, I ended up with a bunch more PCR hours under my belt, but only about 50% of them worked. But! That’s okay. I pushed on and did PCR clean-up for the genes and the corresponding segregants (high and low plastic adherence segregants) that did work. I then did a big push for sequencing and just submitted the samples. Hopefully the sequences will be back in a few days and I can begin analysis! What I will be looking for is a systematic difference (an SNP or change in allele) between the high and low segregants because this means that that difference is probably crucial to determining whether or not the segregant will have high or low adherence.

I am very excited for next week because I will begin to do gene knock-outs to figure out the exact purpose of the genes we found to be significant. I have never done a knock-out before so I am looking forward to learning this useful skill.

In other, life news (because you definitely are interested), I will begin to volunteer at Sentara Williamsburg Hospital in my ample spare time and will hopefully begin some part-time work at Williamsburg Gymnastics. Other than that, aside from some fun activities on the weekends, it’s just been business as usual. I can’t wait to share more of my experience with you as soon as I get out of my PCR rabbit-hole! Until next time.





  1. jasalcedo says:

    Thanks for sharing Sophie! Your project sounds particularly interesting and I am especially eager to see what you discover once you start your gene knockouts. I had my first taste of PCR about two weeks ago and can completely understand where some of your frustration might come from. I appreciate having a fellow student out there working on plastic adherence research. My project is focusing on how yeast evolve for plastic adherence by selecting for that specific trait. Good luck with your hospital volunteering and gymnastics job! Sounds like you’ll be very busy this summer 🙂