Seven days, Population eight, and Nine Ball

In the lab this week, I continued to transfer beads for my first cycle of evolution this summer. I was really impressed with myself because I managed to go the entire week without dropping a bead. It can be so difficult at times to get the beads out of the glass tubes, to wash them, and then put in the microcentrifuge tubes without dropping one or messing up at a single step. I am typically holding my breath the entire time because I am so anxious about it. This is such a huge accomplish for me and am glad that I have the opportunity to document this eternally. Other than my project, this week I helped out Dr. Murphy with some of her ongoing projects. I learned how to streak and made YPD glycerol plates.

On Wednesday, we had another fun day. After a very, very, very long safety presentation we went to see Oceans 8. I love all the Oceans’ movies and could not have been more excited for this cast. If you have not seen it, I 100% recommend adding it to your summer watch list. It lived up to every single one of my expectations. Dr. Murphy and I also talked a little bit this week about what I can do to expand my research project. We talked about, as I am evolving, also looking at the phenotypes of the yeast and observing changes in those throughout the experiment. We might look at biofilm formation and mets. I will keep you updated on the direction we take in the weeks to come.

This weekend I am going home for my sisters graduation. Dr. Murphy will be taking over for me on Saturday to do the last transfer. Then on Sunday, I will start sporulating population 8 to move onto the next cycle. All in all, it has been a great two weeks of research this summer. I am full of anticipation for what the rest of the summer has to offer!