4/14 – Introduction to G-NTC and Coal Plants Projects

Over the past academic year, I have worked on a project related to gender-neutral tenure clock stopping policies. My team consists of Professors Maliniak and Peterson, Eric Parajon, Jack Nicol, and Hannah Petrie. As of now, our short term goal is to find a concrete research question, and to do so, we are sifting through all data sets related gender policies in academia. Our research is inspired by a paper titled “Equal by Inequitable: Who Benefits from Gender-Neutral Tenure Clock Stopping Policies?” We believe that we can effectively recreate the experiment and find more accurate data through the TRIP (Teaching, Research & International Policy) data available. 

Another project, I plan on picking up this summer is through The Margaret S. Glauber Faculty-Student Research and Scholarship Fellows Fund. This new project revolves around the geography of coal power. Over the summer, I will learn how to use GIS to use located documentation and use the mapping software to locate these plants. Once we create the maps with the data we have collected, we can begin to ask questions about the geostrategy of coal plant locations. Over the summer, I hope to build upon my abilities as a student researcher, by learning new software as well as attaining knowledge about energy and environmental policy.