A Summer Transformation: the SAC3 gene in S. cerevisiae

Hello, all! The past few weeks have been a bit more promising in the lab. I’ve begun preparations for my gene knock-out, which I will be performing on a previously sequenced gene, SAC3. I worked with this gene in the Spring semester. In order to prepare for my knock-out, I first had to transform the yeast to be able to take in this gene from the environment. Basically, I put the yeast under stress, which then allows for them to take up DNA from the environment.

Then, you put the new yeast, with the SAC3 gene in its genome, on a plate to view the growth. The hope from this technique is that some of the yeast do not perish from the stress and can retain the gene. However, when I performed my transformation, the plates were dysfunctional. I am hoping to do further transformations soon, so that I may have yeast with the SAC3 gene so I am able to perform my knock-out.

That’s about it for lab work. In my daily life, I’ve kept busy outside the lab with friends. I went to a concert in CW, decorated my new apartment, and spent time with my mom who came to visit. I took a day trip to Richmond and went to the botanical gardens. So, not all of my summer is spent doing work. Anyway, that’s all for now. Catch you later, dear readers!