Protein Immobilization Research Weeks 5-6

Now that I feel comfortable in the lab and with my project, the past few weeks have focused on problem-solving and optimizing reactions. While I was able to express one of the SSO mutants using plasmids created by the lab’s previous graduate student, I was not able to successfully express the other two mutants or the wild type. Thus, I’ve spent the last few weeks cloning the SSO mutants and wild type into a functional plasmid that will hopefully allow us to express. I’m anticipating positive results later this week and into next, which will allow us to take further steps in the immobilization of this protein.

I have also been working with a lab mate to optimize the Glaser-Hay reaction our lab has done extensive work on. We are examining other ligands that create a catalyst complex for this reaction, in an effort to determine if any of these are more effective and/or efficient. One or two of the ligands look promising, so we will be running more reactions in the next few weeks to determine their viability in this reaction.

All in all, working in the lab these past few weeks has been an incredibly educational experience, teaching me technical lab skills as well as problem solving strategies. I’ve especially enjoyed working with my lab mates, who are supportive in our work and a joy to collaborate with. I look forward to the remaining weeks in seeing what other work I can accomplish.