Experimental Troubleshooting

Our research project has been stalled because we have had multiple complications with our cell lines. First, one of our plates in which the cells were contained in grew some type of fungus while incubating. We had no idea what to do with it but unfortunately we had to toss that plate out. When we tried to restart the cell line, we tried to count the cells to get a higher concentration in the plates, but unfortunately the cells had not grown enough for us to seed them at a high concentration. These problems were interesting because we had no idea what was causing them. However, we have since continued our experiments by restarting the contaminated plates and seeding at lower concentrations. After we have completed the experiments, we look at the slides under the microscope to observe the fixed cells. Some of our slides have turned out well, but other slides have shown no cells at all. We are currently trying to troubleshoot our procedure and trying different ways to optimize it for the cells. We also realized that we had not been incubating our cells with nerve growth factor (NGF) for enough time and that might have been an issue with with not seeing neurites.