Literature Research on SES

One of the main things I will be looking at to study is socioeconomic status, or SES. This variable is a very changing and indefinite one as there are many different ways to determine what exactly a student’s SES is depending on a variety of factors including their family, neighborhood, parental education, etc. I am not aware of how much information at the moment is used to determine the student’s SES in the current study until I can do the analysis of the different variables. However, how much information available may have an effect on how accurate the resulting information is. Previous literature has questioned whether SES has an impact on students’ academic achievement and the results have varied. It appears how SES is defined may impact whether or not claims like these are significant. I hope in doing more research I can be more informed as to what variables to use or avoid to make the SES data more cohesive and able to give a more accurate result with regards to the current research I am doing. My research is not necessarily looking at academic achievement, but rather attitudes about attaining higher education. However past studies explaining the issues with defining SES and how it can impact data results is important information to use later.


  1. This is definitely more of an informative post as we can see, but it definitely goes to show that there is more to research than just being physically in a lab working with data or participants. By way of this post, we can see that there may even have to be pre-research about your topic in order to get a better understanding of what you are learning about and analyzing. This information that you have looked up and explained here is actually very interesting in my opinion. For example, when one thinks of SES they immediately just think of income, but I have no clue that it took into account a slew of other factors as well. It also will be interesting to see how you work around being able to find some of the information, especially since some of it may be confidential and that you may not be able to access since it is confidential.