The Finale: Contamination galore!

Hello all,

This is my last post of the summer! I have really enjoyed my summer research experience here. Recently, I have had a bit of a hard time with my work. Most of my transformations are contaminated. I am not quite sure what has contaminated them–but it smells funky!

Most of what I have been doing in the meantime is just some more sequence analysis and a bit of PCR. This means I have not been able to get to my gene-knock outs. I would have liked to use those knockouts to¬† phenotype against the control group. But, sometimes we don’t get what we want! Either way, I have culled a lot of data this summer. I have also learned greatly by being in the lab full time. It was definitely a rewarding, fulfilling experience and I will take the lessons I’ve learned here to grad school and beyond.


That’s all for now! Now back to good ole’ Minnesota for me!


Sophie Harris