Natural Products Synthesis (3)

Research in science has not always been easy. For four weeks, we have been trying to identify our hypothesized product in our new reaction pathway, but all the effort seems to be futile. It turns out that our one step reaction has yield more than 10 byproducts, which is unexpected. That also causes great challenge in separating and finding the molecules we want among endless byproducts. Given the scale of the reaction, numerous products are yielded in the order of milligrams, and the identification of molecules is a real challenge.

But there has been some (very promising) progress. So far, we have identified 11 molecules from a single reaction, with more to come. From our preliminary data analysis, two of them are likely to be the natural products we are looking for. We are currently investigating more into those two molecules, which involves further purification and identification. We are looking forward to the rest of the summer!