Israeli Social Travel and Software Development: Update 3

Today marks the final day of my second-to-last week working at GoWith. In the two weeks since my last update, it feels like a lot has happened, but not a lot of progress has been made. Development has hit a ton of snags in all aspects of the project. Integrating all of our app’s different features that were developed independently without a ton of communication between teams. Because no one on our team had ever developed an iOS app before, each one of us was independently learning throughout the development process. As such, we made a lot of mistakes early on that made it very difficult to stitch together the different features we’d been developing. As an example, there was no centralized Xcode project for the app– each of us (working on our own respective features in teams of 2) had our own project for our own feature. In addition, version control was only used by some of the teams, and those that did used their own private repositories instead of a central codebase to branch from. It’s been a learning experience for everyone, but I do very much wish that I could’ve had a bit more advice or guidance.

In terms of the NLP and machine-learning based features, I’ve actually been quite enjoying working on those. I decided to just not bother waiting on the integration to be finished, so I started working on it with my own database. After some research and asking for recommendations, me and our CEO decided that IBM’s cloud services would be best for our purposes. I’ve never worked with any type of neural networks or machine-learning, and I’ve been really fascinated with what it can do. It’s given me a lot of inspiration for how it can improve my own personal projects!

Goals for the next week will be to wrap up my machine-learning work and everything else I need to do before going home. I’ll be one of the last members of the team to go home, so things are really wrapping up here! It may be difficult to finish things up on my own, but I’ll hope for the best.


  1. egpreston says:

    Hi! I really admire the way you walk us through some of your technical issues and your perseverance and optimism as you sort through this. As someone who doesn’t have much experience with computer science, I found your post easy to understand and quite interesting! Best of luck as you wrap things up.