August Update

As my summer research is beginning to approach its end, I have been furthering the studies I discussed in my last blog post. I completed my parsed time data set for R560 and RB dyes using the 532nm laser. Examining these data sets using Clauset analysis, I found out how well the early/late times for the dyes fit to power law, log normal, and weibull fits. The fits gave a trend contradictory to the original hypothesis that RB should show differences between early and late, while R560 should not show any difference.

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End of Summer

This last week has been surprisingly busy. There were a lot of loose ends to tie up before we left for 3 weeks. We finished another round of plasmid preparation so we have enough supplies to last us through the Fall semester. Plasmid preparation can be tedious so getting a head start on that will make our lives easier in the coming months. We also had to freeze down our cell lines. Since we won’t be here for the next weeks, we need to ensure our cell lines will be taken care of. Instead of replacing medium and flasks, we will freeze the cells down in nitrogen to keep them viable for experiments. We have also taken care of various lab maintenance issues like ordering more equipment to restock the lab. I also took the time to score a previous successful trial. Results were interesting, and I definitely was surprised at how much time it took me. Overall it has been a relatively smooth week in lab. I look forward to continuing my research in the Fall.