Last blog

This summer has come to the end and I had a great time doing research on campus. I have successfully found the zooplankton I need from James River rockpool system in Richmond. Now my zooplankton are happy and alive in my lab occupying over one hundred beakers. I also developed a two-week sampling routine with my professor to sample 34 rockpool. I will then identifying and record all the species present in each pool and generate a presence/ absence data sheet. We can monitor the community assembly of these pools through time with the data.

Currently, I’m still genotyping the Daphnia pulex and Simocephalus that  I’ll use in my competition experiment. However, I can never catch a break of surprise from my zooplankton. This week, I found a second species of Simocephalus in our culture, S. serrulatus. The next step of my experiment preparation after genotyping will be looking through all the Simo and D. pulex in our culture to make sure I identify them correctly. Then I’ll have to choose one species of Simocephalus as the final competitor of D. pulex in my experiment. After few rounds of troubleshooting problem in making Combo medium, we are closing in to make the ideal Combo we want. In the end, I hope I can get most of the preparation work done before school start, and then I can set up my competition experiment and focus on my honor thesis.