Research Progress Update

I’ve completed the curricula review portion for three of the four states I would like to look in to and it has taken much longer than expected. Both Virginia and California had very detailed layouts of their education standards and combined had well over 3,000 pages of curricula to look through. After I sorted through all the material not related to my project I was left with around 300 pages to analyze for related content. Out of those 300 pages left, many only had a few sentences related to my project so analyzing them should go by very quickly.

Texas, on the other hand, presents a different issue. He curriculum there is very broad and does not have near the level of detail as the other states. It was only around 150 pages and took me no time to go through. Really analyzing it, however, will be extremely difficult. In every grade level there’s a section on cultural studies with almost no specific details on what needs to be taught. The document simply instructs teachers to teach students about cultures and religion important to the community and country. Each individual teacher could teach such wildly different things about what culture is important to our country it will be hard to make any definitive statements.

I have not started working on Massachusetts yet. I still hope to, but I want to finish the other three states first to make sure I have the time to finish them.