End of the summer

I can’t believe that the summer research has come to an end! So far, I have successfully synthesized and identified our products of interest in the lab, and they were sent for biological testing. Byproducts were also identified, which provides further insights for the reaction mechanisms. The new reaction has worked out well, with some preliminary yet promising results. The next step would be further purification of the products to confirm our hypothesis. If everything works out well in the end, it will be a first-time synthetic route for a natural molecule that has its biological activities confirmed in literature.

Personally, this summer provides a great chance to hone my lab skills. From strategic planning to carrying out experiment in detail, every process that I’ve been through lays a solid foundation for my honors thesis and makes me a better scientist. Thanks Charles Center for such a great summer opportunity and thank you for following my updates this summer!


  1. Its really nice you were able to successfully complete your research! Congratulations! As a humanities major I’ve never gotten the chance to work in a lab and do that kind of research. I always enjoy reading about the other side of research!