Further Development of My Project

Hello Readers!

The investigation into MK-STYX’s link with the autophagosomal marker protein LC3-II has yielded fascinating results, and adds a new dimension to our hypothesis that MK-STYX functions as a significant regulator of autophagy.  While we see how MK-STYX could promote the degradation of components already identified by the cell for clearance, I believe it is worth investigating how MK-STYX could impact upstream of this.  Specifically, I will look into if MK-STYX may affect the specific proteins and organelles that are “tagged” for digestion intracellularly and how exactly MK-STYX achieves this target marking.  Our lab carried out previous work wherein we identified MK-STYX as a clearer of stress granules and protein buildups known as aggressomes.  Because autophagic processes are a primary means of effecting the clearance of these cellular features, I wish to explore how MK-STYX could recruit the autophagy effectors like autophagosomes and lysosomes to these aggregations.

To achieve this research aim, I will analyze how HDAC6, a protein that promotes stress granule clearance, may be impacted by MK-STYX.  Additionally, other players in this aggregate clearance network will be considered like HDAC4, microtubule subunits alpha and beta, and various motor proteins.  I anticipate that this line of inquiry will increase our evolving understanding of MK-STYX as a promoter of homeostasis and cellular waste elimination.