Finding Contradictory Information

I am finishing transcribing the interviews from women from the years 1945-1955. I have been able to locate patterns in the transcriptions such as the times of curfews for women, dress code, rules regarding riding in cars, however, I have come across information from one of the interviewees Henretta Band: WM class of 1954 that seems to contradict the sentiments toward gender constrictions during the time period. In the interview the interviewer stated:

I:  As you know we are about to kick off the celebration of 100 years of co-education at WM. Can you tell me what you believe is the value and contribution of women to schools like WM and to the world?

The interviewee Henretta Band’s response was.

H: I have always had good role models. I was never really denied the fact that women could not do what they wanted to do. So you know that is kind of new for me. Maybe they did not try hard enough to begin with.

I seems that there were social and rule changes that occurred at the end of the 1940’s that could explain the shift in the mentality that there were no restrictions for women. It may also be that the individual in the interview places special importance on individual effort and does not recognize societal restrictions.