Comparative analysis of Hindu and Christian- related education in American public schools- Update

As I finish up my project, I have started to realize how much more¬†information there is I wish I had the time to explore. Each state I’ve looked at had accompanying materials, such as books and movies, that teachers were meant to use to as supplemental instructional material. Those resources were beyond the scope of my project, since they were suggestions and not part of the actual standards. Some states like Texas also had a list of books over 500 pages long, so there’s no way one person could look through all of the books.

I also wish there was some way to analyze how each state’s standards are actually implemented in the classroom. Obviously there is some way to do it, but a survey that large would not be something I could have undertaken myself. While my research was very enlightening, it opened up even more questions I wish I could get the answer to.