Comparative analysis of Hindu and Christian- related education in American public schools- Update

As I put the finishing touches on my project, I wonder what I can do with this information going forward. They way religion is taught in some public schools could cause bigotry. Having public schools like Texas teach religion in America in such a politicized, pro-Christian way is unacceptable. Setting education standards is an immense responsibility as it helps shape the nation moving forward. After seeing how some states handle educating students about different religions and cultures, the amount of bigotry still in America makes a little more sense.

There is a lot of talk about setting national education standards, but even those are focused on math and science. Social education has been largely ignored in the public discourse as a focus on STEM education has gotten more popular. In an ever changing and diverse world, where cultural understand and sensitive is incredibly important, some states are not giving students the tools and knowledge they need. My biggest take away from this project was just how important proper education standards, and not only in math and science related fields.