Final Post: Social Travel/Software Development in Jerusalem

It’s been a few weeks since my internship at GoWith ended and I’ve since returned to the States. Now that I’m somewhat removed from it, it’s kind of hard to believe how quickly my time overseas went by! I was the last intern to leave, and on my last day, our CEO leveled with me about his experience over the summer. Though the team didn’t meet the goal of putting out a complete (or near-complete) app in 2 months’ time, the idea seems to have been overly ambitious considering our collective lack of experience. There are also things I personally wish I’d done differently, mostly relating to using my time at work better. I focused most of my energy on visiting family and sightseeing, making use of the city and country where I was spending my time, rather than the job I was working. I could’ve made a better effort to learn from my peers and my resources. So, though I did learn a lot overseas, but I didn’t learn as much about software development as I could’ve. Still, I hope to put the skills I’ve learned to use in the coming year and in future pursuits.