Age dating: visiting the University of Alabama


Last week my research adviser and I visited the University of Alabama Geology department. Our lab works with them frequently. They have an amazing geochemistry stable isotope lab and very generously allow us to borrow equipment and process samples. It was very interesting to see first hand how my raw samples are processed. The main focus of this trip was to obtain ages and growth rates for several of my oysters. [Read more…]

Summer’s End and the Way Forward

I’m back on campus now, and it feels like a whole new world since I left at the end of summer research just a few weeks ago. The terrace is bustling, neon-shirted OAs are leading parades of new students around, and I don’t have nearly unlimited time to work on my research any more. And how much more there is to do! Although I was able to collect all my leaf samples for the herbivory project this summer, I now have to extract and analyze all the cardenolides in them so I can begin to draw conclusions about herbivory impact on clonal systems of common milkweed. I’m so excited to have concrete data to work with, but it’s definitely going to be a lot tougher to get the work done during the school year when I have so many time commitments! In addition to the herbivory project, we finally have all of our data for the microsatellite project. We are now working on statistical analyses for these data, and preparing the manuscript that they will be presented in! This summer was an incredible experience and look into what life beyond college can be like. I have loved devoting myself to my research and collaborating with my labmates.