Final Post: Growth and Luminescence of V. fischeri Ecotypes across a Salinity Gradient

This summer my project presented a unique opportunity to become acquainted with biological research. From coming up with a research question and experimental design to data collection and analysis, each stage presented its own unique challenges that have helped me become a better student and scientist.

In the early stages of my research comparing the growth of smooth morph and wrinkly spreader ecotypes of V. fischeri on a salinity gradient the main issue I faced was organization. I had a large number of experimental trials to run which made it difficult to find an efficient way to collect data. Later on, the reliability of luminescence readings became a concern as the data points I collected seemed highly variable. As the summer reached its conclusion, it became apparent that survivability of V. fischeri may be a better way of looking at stress physiology than growth. Each of these challenges presented opportunities for me to solve complex problems and grow as a scientist.

Moving forward, I would like to continue to explore the differences in stress physiology caused by adaptive radiation. I plan on continuing to collect data and conduct research during the semester which should present new organizational challenges and allow more opportunities for growth. I am excited to take my research in new directions and to continue learning and gaining new skills as a researcher.