Research Final Summary

Final Summary

In the end, we investigated five molecules for inhibition of Pyruvate Kinase. Of the five, two definitively inhibit PK. One definitively does not inhibit PK. Finally, two of them might inhibit PK and need to be tested further.

One of the molecules is unclear because it inhibits the protein modifies PK. This means that the results say it does not inhibit PK, when in fact it did not get the chance to inhibit at all. Then, this is a possible avenue of future research.

The other unclear molecule is simply inconclusive. It sometimes inhibited PK, it sometimes did not. It should be relatively simple to test it more times until it is proven conclusive one way or the other.

The molecules that did inhibit PK can be used for further research into other things. For instance, it’d be interesting to see the degree of time dependence. Next it might be interesting to see how cellular conditions affect inhibition.