1–First few weeks at the IINE

I have been thrown into this internship without much ado, and have therefore been forced to learn quickly and think on my feet! As a health intern with the International Institute of New England, I am responsible for providing transportation to clients (very recent refugees and asylum seekers who have gone through the legal immigration route and arrived in Manchester, NH) to and from various health assessments, immunizations, and tests. I also help lead cultural orientation sessions on health and hygiene. I have already gotten to work with families from Burma, Malaysia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi. It has fascinated me to witness firsthand the processes and services provided to immigrants and refugees, and I have learned a lot so far about how the system works. I work under a director supervisor, who himself immigrated many years ago from Nepal. The office space is dynamic and diverse, and I am lucky to have tasks that take me in and out of the office, without too much sitting around. Every day is different!


A link to the website of the IINE: https://iine.org/