Training in the Lab

The first two weeks in Dr. Hinton’s lab have gone by quite quickly! Mostly, I have been helping to train some of the newer members of the lab. Because we have so many students working in the lab this summer, it has been happily chaotic. So far, I’ve been reminded a lot of when I was first being trained at my old lab. There were eight of us who had to share one small bench, so everyone got very close very quickly. Being able to be in a space that feels the same, with everyone working together has been extremely nostalgic for me.

Though I have been working in this lab for over a year, this is my first summer with Dr. Hinton. I have found that though I’ve worked in a lab before, there are many differences in protocols here. Being able to help train the new students has given me the opportunity to solidify my understanding of what we are teaching. As Dr. Hinton has been focusing on training, I have been helping with lots of general lab upkeep. We have been making many liters of bacterial media, autoclaving glassware, and doing many other things that I had never done in my old lab.

Towards the end of the week, I was finally able to discuss my project for the summer with Dr. Hinton. Our goal is to be ready to write a manuscript by the end of this internship, so I wanted to have a clear goal for the following weeks. Dr. Hinton is going to Hungary next week for a conference, so we are all going to be left to run our own experiments. Though I am confident in my ability to do independent lab research, I am a little nervous about setting up my experiments. After talking to Dr. Hinton, I know that I am going to have my hands full this summer. I will be focusing heavily on tissue culture and western blotting, which I find incredibly interesting. This upcoming week is going to give everyone a taste of independence, and I’m excited to see how it goes!


  1. amzhang says:

    You know a lot of other senior members in labs take a lot of issues with training other lab members. Its very nice of you to take the time to train! Im sure they love you.