Week 3: Being a Tourist is not Always Fun

Working abroad should not mean that the only places you go are the office, your home and the occasional restaurant or market to buy necessary items. It should involve getting to know the culture and history of the country, meeting new people and engaging with the area around you. One way that I have done this is by visiting museums or national monuments as well as talking with coworkers about their lives. Sometimes going to language meet ups or social events at bars allows you to have very interesting conversations with people about things you may have never thought about or learned from your guidebooks and museum visits.

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Second Week at HekaBio – Thinking about Health

I spend most of my days in the HekaBio office on Google. I look for published clinical trials, injury and disease incidence statistics, and attempt to assess the market size for different projects HekaBio is working on. Business and medical professionals surround me, all of whom make efforts to involve me in important meetings and discussions from which I gain new insight into the inner workings of a health venture.

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Week 2: Lunch Time in Laos

In Laos, sometimes we take long lunch breaks. And for these first two weeks,  I have just been going with the flow.

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Adjusting to Los Angeles

While I am loving the Getty Center—and have adjusted easily to working with my new coworkers, taking the employee shuttle up the hill, grabbing lunch in the cafe—Los Angeles itself has proved a harder hill to tackle.

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Week 3 at the National Assembly for Wales

The highlight of this week was the Vale of Glamorgan smallholders who came to visit – they brought goats, sheep and piglets with them! The smallholders are people who farm on smaller plots of land than traditional farmers. My AM sponsored an event for them to come in and share about their way of life and how the government could protect it. Part of the presentation included spinning on a wheel with fresh wool and of course, the animals! It was fascinating to hear from them all the details of their livelihoods, all of which was new information to me. Alongside my regular research, I also got the chance to do some research for a Plenary debate my AM wanted to speak on, about how Welsh history and language can be better incorporated into the Welsh school curriculum. Currently, Welsh history is taught almost as an afterthought to English history in schools. Welsh culture and history is not taught in the context of every subject nor is it tested on the GCSEs or A-Levels, decreasing motivation for teachers to cover the material in school. As the government works on a new final curriculum for 2022, having ongoing debates to iron out the final details is incredibly important and getting to research something like this that I have no prior knowledge of was really interesting.