Blog Post 6

This week was productive in an odd fashion. While our lab meetings focused on aphantasia, I still got a tremendous amount of work done. Emma and I continued to reach out to school districts and completed a draft of our introductory survey for the participants in the study. We can finally begin scripting videos for use in the study, which will probably focus on topics like mitosis, evolution and speciation.

I also attended a lecture on science publishing. While there were many interesting points, I disagreed with many of the speaker’s arguments. He mentioned the libraries no longer serve a purpose since almost any written document can be found online within a matter of seconds. While I agree from a search-engine standpoint, libraries will always be necessary. Placing this aside, I learned a lot about the publishing process for scientific papers.

For the coming week, we will focus on reaching out to more schools if we fail to hear back from some. This is necessary because we need to ensure we are on the same page as them regarding their introductory biology course material. Some schools choose to begin with ecology and evolution, while others focus more on cell biology. Because of this, we will need to have an assortment of videos at the start of the academic year so that the teachers will be able to access them conveniently.