Week 4

This week I am continuing to enter the endless data into an excel spreadsheet regarding the topic I mentioned last week:

“Olde Towne Medical Center gives an evaluation form on Patient Experience and Satisfaction for each patient they serve.  Most of the questions are graded from 5 (most positive) to 1 (least positive).  The graded quantitative data is easy to transfer into a data base but the form also asks for written comments on what makes the patients like the service of the clinic and why they do not like about the service of the clinic.  You are entering the written comments into excel that will be merged with the quantitative data in a database for analyses.”

While I was entering the data throughout the week I noticed that a pattern had emerged. The section titled “What do you like best about Olde Towne” had many similar responses. It seemed the things that the majority of the things the patients liked about Olde Towne were the staff, the doctors and their friendliness. Also, many of the patients mentioned the fact that they liked that the care was affordable even if they were uninsured or under-insured.