Update from week 7/8/19

I performed the third trial for the no treatment/ chloroquine experiment. I repeat the same procedures from the previous trials. I perform cell culture, transfection, drug addition, cell fixation, and fluorescence microscopy. I have yet to perform data collection on the trial 3 microscope slides, so I will do this week 7/15/19.


  1. jelandrum says:

    Sounds like interesting work, but would you mind going into any of the steps further for those who aren’t in this domain. For example, what is the process for drug addition in the cell? Also, are all of these procedures going as planned?

  2. tmprioleau says:

    Hello! Of course. So what I mean by drug addition is I add a drug called chloroquine that will inhibit the autophagy pathway, a major degradation pathway, in the cells. I add 10 microliters of chloroquine to the cells that I wish to inhibit this process. My project is trying to determine if this one protein, MK-STYX, is reducing stress granules via the autophagy pathway. In order to thoroughly study a cellular pathway, you have to inhibit and induce the pathway and see the effects it has on the cells. To answer your second question, all of the procedures are going well! The early trials I did in the beginning of the summer did not work as well because I was working to develop better technique. Once I developed good technique, my experiments came out beautifully.