Week 7

This week I took readings from my previous experiment with M9 minimal media containing 0.5% ethanol as the carbon source. The data from this experiment was very promising, as it showed growth well above what is considered “minimal growth” for all of the strains. Though most of the OD600 readings were between 0.30 and 0.80, a few strains had OD600 readings as high as 0.300. Since the standard for “minimal growth” is an OD600 reading at or above 0.010, these results are quite high for bacteria that have not yet been allowed to evolve to be resistant to ethanol. After meeting with my PI, I started a preliminary procedure to test the growth of the strains over 5 days and found that the bacteria grew incredibly well even on the first day in most strains, showing that most strains only need 24 hours to grow to their maximum numbers, which is important to know for the next stages of the experiment. This week I also tested the strains SAIG and VF7744 at ethanol concentrations of 4.0-4.9% again, as per recommendation by my PI, to see if the data I was getting could be replicated. Both strains grew in all ten percentage points in all five trials, suggesting that the ethanol resistance in these strains is likely much higher than expected. Given this data, I will re-test the given strains at higher percentages of ethanol (specifically at 5.0% and 6.0%) to see whether these strains can truly grow at higher concentrations of ethanol than the data from previous students has shown.

5th Week of Summer Research

Good Afternoon Readers,

Throughout previous SUMO preps, I have noticed an irregular, punctate SUMO pattern in a cellular stage called diplotene. The punctuates seemed to be confined within the nuclear envelope, but I wanted to test this hypothesis. To test my hypothesis, I began investigating the pattern of SUMO and a nuclear envelope (NE) protein, LMN-1. I utilized a co-staining procedure with SUMO and LMN-1, but both of these proteins require the same secondary antibody, which means they will both fluoresce the same color: to mitigate this challenge, I used controls for both LMN-1 and SUMO to show their independent patterns, in addition to co-stained slides with SUMO and LMN-1. Upon analysis of the LMN-1 controls, the staining was showing LMN-1 associating with the chromatin, but not staining the nuclear envelope. This is an uncharacteristic pattern for LMN-1: because LMN-1 is a nuclear envelope protein, the staining should be on the NE, but not the chromatin. Due to the irregular pattern of LMN-1, I could not draw any conclusions from this SUMO/LMN-1 prep.

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Kuala Lumpur Week 4: Malaysian “Culture” and Politics

Just like any other week, this week has been nothing but an exciting and fun learning experience. I got the opportunity to interview three international student exchange participants from Turkey. I go to speak with them and learn more about Turkish culture, food, and educational experience. I think the most rewarding part of my job is getting to meet students my age from all over the world and getting their perspective on politics, education, and overall experience. The three Turkish women I met were so wonderful and I hope to keep in touch with them. Additionally, I got to speak with my friend and coworker, Zach, about Malaysian politics not only at the federal level but also at the state level. We talked about freedom of speech and how much content and press is censored Malaysia. We compared and contrast American law and Malaysian law. My conversation with Zach definitely got me thinking about my research project. Since political science and international relations is my passion, I would like to focus my research in that field. I would say that I still don’t have a full and comprehensive grasp on Malaysian politics, but I hope to learn more as I do more research

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Week 5

This week I continued to enter data into an excel for based on the same information I have been working on for the past few weeks. Information about the significance of this data means can be found below:

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