Beijing Week … 4? 5? Not sure.

Wow, it’s already time to post! It feels like no time at all since I last post.

Last week’s post was rather depressing, as I was upset a number of things. But now, I can with confidence report that this past week has been a lot better! I’ve been meaningfully busy, which is always a plus. Tasks in the last week have included taking product photos for new beer, taking processional photos for employee guides, taking photo/video of our new Hutong taproom that’s soon to open, creating new stickers and gifs for our WeChat social media account, peeling and blending nectarines for 8 hours, and grinding all kinds of oats. It’s been great to be so busy!

The weekend brought a lot of fun- although it didn’t quite start out that way. Late Friday night, I had to “go to work” from 11pm-2am, putting together a giant temporary pool for a pool party event that Jing-A was hosting the next day. While it kind of put a damper on my Friday night to have to work, it was fine, as the pool party the next day was a blast! I was technically working, although that just meant pouring beer, drinking beer, and taking pictures. Even better, my mates at the U.S. Embassy showed up and had fun with me! We made plans to go out in the evening, and it was fun to party with them.

Here’s a crazy story: at the bar we went to, I ended up interacting with a whole new group of interns, mostly from America. In that group of interns was a girl who was high school friends with BNOC (Big Name on Campus) herself: Kelsey Vita. Kelsey is a friend of mine, as she dates one of my friends from my improv group. I thought it was so crazy to meet someone with a mutual friend halfway across the world! Even better, that “in” instantly made me feel comfortable partying with them, and we ended up clubbing all night! As Mac Miller said, “The world is so smaaaallll.”

Come Monday, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a new intern at Jing-A! Her name is Sarah, and she’s half Singapore/half Australian. I’ve kind of felt a little lonely at work, as there is nobody my age and I’ve been the one intern that people can use to help with assignments. Sarah is really kind, and instantly likable. She’s the kind of person to instantly make you feel comfortable talking to her, no matter what the situation is.  I was able to take her out to dinner and drinks with a friend of mine from the embassy, and it’s fun to see new friends interact. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to meet all these new friends. It’s really turned me on to the expat life; I feel like there is a really solid community, at least in Beijing. You have an immediate camaraderie with expats; a “we are both outsiders, huh?” kind of vibe that just kind of unites everyone. And it doesn’t even need to be a fellow American; I’ve made friends with a Mexican, a South African, plenty of Australians, a Spaniard, and many Canadians. It’s really neat!

Overall, this week was much better, as predicted. It’s hitting me that I’m slowly running out of weeks… after this one ends, I’ll only have 3 full weeks left 🙁 Ah well, for now: 这就是生活