Week 7

This week, my labmate and I started to focus more on another project that we started involving Flo11 gene and GFP expression. The main idea is to isolate the Flo11 proteins from two strains of yeast using magnetic tiny beads. The main proponents of this protocol were to lyse the cells and isolate the proteins from the rest of the part of the cells.

After conducting the protocol for the first time, we looked at the beads under the confocal microscope, hoping to see GFP being expressed, but only saw one of the strains showing green fluorescence. Moving forward, we will try the protocol again but with new strains of the yeasts.

For my own project, I sent the PCR product of the tiny colony that grew for sequencing and waiting for the results to verify whether or not the CRISPR worked.


  1. mrdonnan says:

    Good luck with trying the protocol again with new strains of yeast! I did a little bit of research about green fluorescent protein expression and was interested to learn its derived from jellyfish. I think it would be pretty cool to look at the fluorescence under a microscope.