Senate Internship: 06/03-06/09

Hi all! My name is Jack, and I am a rising Junior at W&M. I am an International Relations major, minoring in Film and Economics. This summer, I am spending 10 weeks as a legislative intern for a Democratic senator from my home state. I will refrain from mentioning “the boss” (that’s what everybody calls her around the office) by name in the interest of privacy for the office. The press team would prefer we don’t even mention the Senator’s name on LinkedIn until the internship is complete.

My first impression of the office and my job for the summer is that I am completely overwhelmed but even more excited! Already this is the best job I have ever had, though the first day was chaotic. I managed to add some extra stress to my first-day-nerves by getting locked out of my GW dorm room the morning that I started the position! Don’t worry, I still made in on time.

Mostly, this week was a lot of training, orientation, and paperwork. I got my Senate ID all set on the first day, and spent a lot of time watching training videos on harassment in the workplace and the ethics of working in a government position. Near the end of the week I fortunately got a little more training in the actual work that I will be doing. It seems as though the primary intern duties are administrative: listening to voicemails, reading mail and faxes, answering the phones, manning the front office, etc. However, as the summer goes on, we should get more opportunities to work on policy projects with staffers.

The last thing I want to comment on in this post is the overall environment and the people I work with. Everyone is so nice! The two staff assistants who function as intern coordinators are incredibly helpful and friendly, and know what they are doing. Three interns started the week before me from Harvard, UConn, and Yale, who are also nicer than I could have imagined. The office definitely skews young, and seems like an exciting place to work.