Update from week 7/22/19

After a busy week of training, I was able to redirect my focus to my independent project. This week, I did not start an new experiment. However, I maintained my stock cells to prevent overgrowth and cell death. I also performed data collection on my Trial 3 of the no treatment/chloroquine experiment. Data collection is long and tedious process but it is necessary. Once the data is collected, I am able to create figures such as representative images and summarizing graphs. During data collection, I noticed that a few of the slides I made did not have cells on them. This happens from time to time. Even when you follow the procedure correctly, these mishaps happen. This means that I have to do another trial.


  1. kmreed01 says:

    Hi Tatiana! I definitely understand the tediousness of data collection, and I also struggled with not seeing cells on slides when I first started doing research last summer. Could it be because the cells are being left too long without medium or DPBS covering them, leading them to dry out and die? Pipetting the DPBS washes too quickly can cause cells to come loose during fixation, too. But this stuff happens– good luck with your next trial!