After 10 weeks of research design and lab sessions, I am at a stopping point for the summer. At this point, I have run 26 participants, and I know that most of that data was collected without difficulty and will be a part of my final result, a concept which I find very exciting.

Looking back on the entire process, finalizing the design of my study was not an easy task, as I had to return to the drawing board numerous times after discovering potential confounds or issues with my methods. Perhaps most interesting is that possibly the hardest part of the entire process for me personally was figuring out my specific research question, as I came in with an idea of what I wanted to investigate, but found that I would have to greatly limit my scope in order to create a successful study.

I found preparing my stimuli to be enjoyable, even despite the fact that I often found myself starting from scratch after realizing that I needed new models, etc. I am very pleased with how the stimuli in one of my surveys turned out, as participants seem to think that it was something already in existence, not something I put together myself for the study.

I look forward to running participants throughout the fall, and I may train a volunteer in my lab on the protocol to help me run the study. A few months from now, I can’t wait until I finally see if my hypotheses were correct.