Healthy Lab Relationships

It is important for members of a lab to maintain healthy relationships to keep a positive work environment that promotes productivity and results. Throughout the summer, the members within Dr. Shanta D Hinton’s lab developed and preserved very close relationships. This allowed for newer members such as myself to feel confident to ask for help when needed. The lab would often spend time together outside of work, really getting to know each other’s personalities and backgrounds that greatly contributed to a healthy lab dynamic. Because our environment was so positive, I was able to learn immeasurable knowledge and skills pertaining to the lab’s research. It was amazing to develop a relationship with our principal investigator, Dr. Hinton, as well; learning valuable life skills and obtaining advice that will surely guide each of her students toward a successful future. I am very excited to continue my work along side my colleagues and mentor.


  1. chelschive says:

    I know this isn’t necessarily data focused but so many people overlook this. I’m so glad you posted something about the relationships among research peers but also with the Prof/PI. I’m glad you had such a great experience! It’s nice to not only meet new people that you can unshamefully nerd out with but also consult for advice/confusion. Hope you enjoyed your research!