Living Shoreline- Week 7

Week 7


Time flies! I didn’t realize how quickly these 7 weeks would go. It felt as though I had just gotten back to campus, and I was already leaving! This week, Bob and I discussed the future of our research and of my work in the ACER/KECK labs. During our final lab meeting, I talked to Professor Leu about my path at William and Mary, about declaring my major and future opportunities in research work. He was incredible helpful and agreed to sit down with me again in the fall to discuss options/paths for the rest of college.

As far as data analysis and collection, this week was similar to most of the others! Since it was late-season, we were among huge populations of spiders, flies, and mosquitoes, and the conditions were hotter and more humid than they had been for the entire summer. In person, we only managed to see a few Great Blue Herons as they flew away from our van at sites. Notable on-site spots included Green Herons, Great Blue Herons, and Great Egrets, though at unsurprising rates. Unfortunately, our drives were especially long (and lacking in air conditioning), as most of the work ended up being in rural Mathews. It wouldn’t be a proper sendoff unless it was tough!

After a week in the hot sun with a fair amount of work on the cameras and video analysis, it was finally time to say goodbye. Friday came, and with it came an off-campus ‘lab meeting’ at Professor Leu’s house. He and his wife made an enormous feast, entirely too much food for 11 people (all those working out of ACER), and we sat around a fire and talked for most of the night, discussing politics, science, and even our personal lives. When it was all over, I handed my data backup and binoculars to Bob and drove home. It was most definitely one of the more memorable experiences I’ve had this summer.