In Summary

In Summary

This summer was an excellent opportunity for me. I was able to experience real science on the front lines. This program validated all my years of science education.

I am grateful to have had this opportunity, but there are some things that I wish were different. I spent an overwhelming majority of my time working on someone else’s project. A lot of the work I did turned out to be unnecessary or pointless in the end. This is to be expected in science, and is universally frustrating, but it is even more so when it is not for your own project or idea. It was really easy to lose interest or motivation. Additionally, most of the problems that occurred were completely out of my or anyone’s control. For example, the samples we used were labeled inconsistently. This made solving them difficult or impossible, and so we had to work around them. These issues were out of misfortune rather than design flaw.

With that said, I would definitely come back next summer if given the chance. While much of my experience was frustrating, the successes were all the more satisfying. I also learned a great deal about biological concepts and methods that will probably benefit me in the future.

Overall, I had a good experience, and I am honored to have been selected into this program. I already have been brainstorming ideas for new projects, and I hope to return next summer.

I would like to thank Dan Cristol, John Swaddle, and Casey McLaughlin for their help with my project. I would also like to acknowledge Anna Kashmanian, Sarah Weber, Maya Watson, and Natalie Caputo for keeping morale high in the lab. I seriously could not have gotten through these two months without y’all.

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