Drafting Research: Week 6 Update

I dedicated this past week to planning and writing the beginning drafts of my final research paper. The final result of my research will be an essay that I hope will educate others on the history of blackface minstrelsy at William and Mary. I hope to also illustrate how William and Mary’s students have become more inclusive and progressive when assembling representations of student culture in theĀ Colonial Echo. Though I cannot be certain that racism or racist ideas have been completely eradicated from our campus community, it’s clear that students have become more willing to have an open dialogue about race and racism at William and Mary.

This week I also made another trip to special collections at Swem Library. While there, I was able to go through a few more yearbooks in person and speak with a research assistant about the yearbook audit that special collections members conducted. I am hoping to return to special collections once more to go over the results of the audit to see if I missed any major points for my research or if I can provide any information for the team. It’s exciting to know that I will be creating an educational resource that directly relates to current issues at William and Mary and can be used in conjunction with concurrent research that special collections conducted.