Summary of my summer research

This summer working in Dr. Shanta D Hinton’s lab has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my academic career. I have learned a considerable amount of valuable lab skills and techniques as well as in depth processes of cellular biology. It was a long and tiring couple months of hard work but it was truly the most fulfilling and satisfying project that I have been privileged enough to contribute to.

The main goal of this research project is to understand the effects that MK-STYX has on the regulation and treatment of stress granules within cells. My individual research, specifically, will look into how MK-STYX affects the localization of TFEB (transcription factor E-Box), a gene that has significant control on cellular autophagy, a process that regulates stress granules within cells that has a possible connection to MK-STYX and its functions.

Throughout this summer, I have been able to perform many trials of my personal project. While I have been able to obtain a few trials with viable data, my work has been quite difficult at times, consistently yielding unfruitful results. However, I experienced an uplifting resurgence within the last few weeks of my research which will hopefully lead to the conclusion of my first personal project.

During my last week of lab, I was able to complete the final trial of my personal project of the summer. It was ambitious to start a new experiment during the last week of research but I believe I was able to finish with good results. When viewing my slides in microscopy, I noticed that my cells had very good staining which allowed me to better understand the results of the experiment. It seems as though my results are continuously supporting our hypotheses but will not know for sure until I commit significant time to scoring my slides. Scoring slides entails counting 100 individual cells and taking note of the specific characteristics of each cell – using that data to answer our main scientific question. I am very happy to have finished a final trial of my summer project and am very excited to get back to my research soon.