Going Turtling! Weeks 8 & 9: Wrapping up & Exciting Discoveries!

Weeks 8 & 9 were fairly uneventful by capture standards, save for one interesting discovery. In week 8 we captured 10 turtles in total, with the sex ratio being 7 males to 3 females. On week 9, we captured 3 turtles total, with the sex ratio being 2 females and 1 male. Overall, it was a good way to end the field work portion of the project.

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Going Turtling! Week 7: Goal Setting and Nesting Sites!

Week seven we met our Goal for turtle capture!! We caught 6 turtles, with the sex ratio being 1 male and 5 females. We made it past 64, which we didn’t even think that we would get close to! Our 64th turtle was a tinly little male, roughly 1-2 years in age. Both I and my partner took pictures with the little guy! [Read more…]

Going Turtling! Weeks 5 & 6: Huge Capture & Eye color in Turtles?

Greetings Again Turtle-lovers! Weeks 5 & six were huge in terms of capture as well as in discovery, with one sad moment to tint our high yields. Week 5 alone we caught 16 turtles! With the sex ratio being 9 Females to 7 males. In the first day alone we caught 10 of the sixteen.

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장애물 극복 (Overcoming Obstacles)

As a part of the Busan International Comedy Festival’s main event preparation, there are a few pre-events that take place in order to promote and draw attention to the upcoming festival. A few of these already took place such as the flash mob event at a middle and high school as well as the opening ceremony for the accepted volunteers. Another main event took place on Saturday was one of the most important pre-festival events. This event was the “BICF Showcase” where a few comedian and youtube guests came to help promote the festival.

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출석의 뜻밖의 어려움 (Unexpected Difficulties of Taking Attendance)

Moving into the fourth week of my internship, the office started to become a lot busier. We had two events planned at the end of the week and started preparing for them. The first event was the “발대식” (welcoming ceremony) for the volunteers. As a part of the public relations team, I helped with the interview process the week before. This interview process required some pre-planning and setting up. First our team arrived at the Media Center located in Centum City a couple hours in advance and we went around the building hanging posters around the center to make sure the interviewees knew where to go. I was placed in charge of staying in the waiting room and giving out the nametags when the interviewees arrived. Additionally, as the interviewees returned after completing their interviews, I took back the nametags and gave out a souvenir fan that had the festival logo on it. I found this to be an interesting experience as I have never proctored a test or looked over an interview process and this experience was a test of how quiet one could stay for an extended amount of time. I also realized that sitting around and not doing anything while waiting for interviewees to come sounds like an easy job, but in reality it is quite tiring. After completing the interview process, we took down the posters and signs, and went home.

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