Going Turtling! Weeks 5 & 6: Huge Capture & Eye color in Turtles?

Greetings Again Turtle-lovers! Weeks 5 & six were huge in terms of capture as well as in discovery, with one sad moment to tint our high yields. Week 5 alone we caught 16 turtles! With the sex ratio being 9 Females to 7 males. In the first day alone we caught 10 of the sixteen.

Our week six total was 7 turtles, with a sex ratio of an even 3:3. However, we did catch all 7 for that week on the second day of fieldwork. In these two weeks, we had an impressive number of turtles caught and tagged! However, we also the sad occurrence of a dead turtle in one of our pots.

It was a rather large female with a similarly large wound to her neck. Our lab professor believes that the wound was caused by a crab or getting her neck caught on something. The wound was then likely infected causing her to pass after swimming into our pot.

Other than this, we were able to note some really interesting things about the turtles we captured. First off, we saw some incredibly striking patterning on some of the turtles we caught. We also started noticing that some of the turtles we caught had gorgeous sea-green eyes rather than the standard black. As for our project, this doesn’t count for much, especially since we didn’t notice it until halfway through, but I would be interested in seeing another project on terrapin or turtle genetics and if their eye color is correlated with more striking patterning.


Overall, weeks 5 & 6 were a lot of fun and full of interesting discoveries! On top of that, they brought our turtle count almost up to our goal of 64!

Total Turtle Count : 59!!