Final Week of Remote Area Medical Operations

Hello all! This summer has went by so fast and has been a whirlwind of knowledge and new experiences. I have received so much knowledge throughout the past couple of months about the medical field, as well as the need for medical care across the country. My time in Texas was nothing short of amazing. We served so many people at each of our clinics, with a total patient count of about 3,ooo.  Our primary services at each of our clinics, Brownsville, San Juan, Mission, and Laredo, were vision and dental, while the National Guard covered medical services.

While I was not able to work closely with the National Guard, I was able to work with various members of the Public Health Services subdivision of the military. It was an amazing experience because I did not know about this military group. If you do not already know, they are one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. They cover a wide range of heath care professions, and were able to help us in our dental and vision areas, and the medical areas for the National Guard.

Overall this internship has been incredible. I’ve learned how to suture, how to make prescription glasses, and much more. This experience had impacted me so much that I and another intern who goes to William and Mary, are in the process of creating a RAM chapter at W&M, so that we can continue to help this organization and make an impact on the lives of those in various communities.