My summer in a nutshell

I have to say. This summer research experience was a wonderful and fruitful experience. This research experience I had last summer was just as fruitful yet drastically different from this summer’s research experience. Last summer, I had the opportunity to work in a computational linguistics lab, which gave me experience with computer programming and running participants. Moving from a linguistics lab to a biochemistry lab was exciting yet frightening at first. The first two weeks of training in the biochemistry lab was intense but I actually fell in love with the type of work we were doing. We learned basic procedures (DNA plasmid preparation, tissue culture, cell fixation, fluorescence microscopy, etc.) that we would be using on a regular basis for our independent projects and in the lab as a whole.

Even though I spent several hours in the lab on a daily basis, I was constantly doing something. I was reading, running experiments, and restocking the lab with materials. Between the lab’s hustle and bustle, I had wonderful and lively lab mates that I grew very acquainted with. We were a unit. We were a team.  There were no dull moments. Everything about the biochemistry lab was exciting.

Since the lab environment was very warm and inviting, I found myself very productive with my independent project. I was able to run three trials and perform data collection for the first experiment for my project. The first experiment focused on whether MK-STYX is reducing stress granules if the autophagy pathway was inhibited. Before I left campus for the summer, I was able to score the last of my experimental trials and form a bar graph that summarized the data I collected. What I found in the data was very exciting and promising! I look forward to running more experiments in the coming semesters to see where my project goes. I wanted to personally thank my PI, Dr. Hinton for a wonderful research experience and believing in my abilities to become a medical researcher in the future. I want to thank my lab mates for working with me and supporting me throughout this learning process. Last but not least, I would like to thank the Charles Center for making this summer research experience possible by funding my interests and dreams.