Summary Post

The opportunity I’ve had to conduct independent research this summer has been incredible. I’ve loved searching though the archives of William and Mary and creating a resource that will hopefully be helpful to the greater college community. I’m excited that my research is relatively new, topical, and specifically interesting to my school. It’s been challenging to have the responsibility to manage my own time and conduct my research alone, but it has also helped me hone my skills. Despite the challenges, I’ve been thrilled to hear that several members of the William and Mary community are interested in reviewing and learning from my work. The next steps in the process include sharing my findings with others at William and Mary and refining my paper to submit it for possible publication. I cannot wait to share my work with William and Mary and see the further research that other William and Mary scholars choose to conduct on this topic. I’d like to thank the team at Special Collections at Swem Library for all their assistance. Most of all, I’d like to sincerely thank my project adviser, Professor Benes and the Charles Center for my amazing opportunity this summer.

Summer Summary

Now that my summer research has ended, I’m realizing just how much I have left to do on this project.  I’m still a very long way from a publishable result.  I spent more time this summer working on the Asclepias syriaca and Asclepias exaltata hybrid project than I did on my original historical milkweed project.  The historical project was to look at how the ranges and abundances of a variety of milkweed species have changed over the past hundred years.  I spent the first couple of weeks working on this project before shifting to focus on the hybrid project.  Both projects are still in their early stages and I will be continuing to work on both over the course of the school year.  I’m hoping to produce some results that can be included in upcoming publications from the Puzey lab.  Now that I’m a senior, the pressure is on to wrap up my projects.

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During this summer, I set out to write my first article on feminist philosophy. Specifically, I aimed to illuminate Judith Butler’s metaphysics of gender and sex through a revision and extension of Ásta’s analogy to Immanuel’s Kant’s transcendentalism. In addition to learning about feminist philosophy, I learned how to write a proper philosophy article thanks to Dr. Aaron Griffith. 

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Revised Abstract

Dr. Griffith and I FaceTimed for the final time this morning. Although I am sad about this part of the project coming to close, I am excited for what is in store.

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Week 6: The Writing Process

This week I completed the first full draft of my paper. I also met with my advisor, and we discussed what the final product from my summer of research should look like. It was challenging for me to organize the research I had done over the summer, but I learned to be flexible and open to change in my writing. 

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