During this summer, I set out to write my first article on feminist philosophy. Specifically, I aimed to illuminate Judith Butler’s metaphysics of gender and sex through a revision and extension of Ásta’s analogy to Immanuel’s Kant’s transcendentalism. In addition to learning about feminist philosophy, I learned how to write a proper philosophy article thanks to Dr. Aaron Griffith. 

In the future, I plan to submit this article for publication. Dr. Griffith and I will continue to work together on this paper as well as discussing future topics. I plan to complete a senior honors thesis next year. For the upcoming year, I will study at Oxford University. Hopefully, with one more year of philosophy training, my philosophical writing will improve even more. It certainly has this summer.

I am grateful for Dr. Griffith’s mentorship, the Charles Center’s donors, and my parents’ support. This has been transformative summer; I have a new view of the world and a new sense of how I want to help others.