Week 6: The Writing Process

This week I completed the first full draft of my paper. I also met with my advisor, and we discussed what the final product from my summer of research should look like. It was challenging for me to organize the research I had done over the summer, but I learned to be flexible and open to change in my writing. 

In order to organize my writing, I tried a new method I had heard other historians mention, but never done myself. I printed my drafts and my notes and organized them into categories based on my argument, then cut paragraphs and key quotes apart in order to organize them in a manner that made sense. This method worked very well for me and resulted in the introduction and secondary source review sections of my paper. 

By the end of next week, I will have a completed rough draft that compiles all of the research I have done over the summer. I am also going to create an abstract, which will be useful to me when I am applying to grad schools. I intend to use the research I did over this summer as my writing sample when applying to these programs, and my research so far has helped me become more confident in my writing skills. I hope to continue to develop and rewrite the final product until I am comfortable with it as a representation of my skills as a historian.