Summary post


I had a super awesome summer working in the lab. Research can be boring and tedious sometimes, but whenever I got some new findings for my research project, I could feel the thrilling pulse running through my blood vessels. The experience of conducting individual research in the lab is also invaluable because it gives me the freedom to explore the mystery behind the reaction and have a peek at my newly synthesized molecules. Throughout the summer, my lab techniques got improved a lot, and I also sense that I have become more manageable and productive when I am working in the lab. More importantly, my way of thinking has been reshaped more into a scientist, for example, planning out my tasks so that I can be organized and productive; reflecting on my mistake; reading through literature to find out a problem, etc. I am very grateful that I am able to work with a knowledgeable and supportive advisor and learn the nature of doing scientific research. I really enjoyed my time in the lab, and I can’t wait to continue my research project next semester. Thank you all for reading my blog post!